Last Update : March 29th, 2004
Merlotti Family Database
February 2003

We are in a coletive effort to gather all information about the Merlotti family. It doesn't matter if we are related or not, or what branch of the family you are, if you have any information on you ancestry and want to share it with us, please contact me through and I'll be happy including your information in our database.
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Merlottis around the Globe
March 2003

See where Merlotti family members are around the globe. It's possible to know the birth place, wedding place, burial and last know location. The information displayed is dynamic, taken directly from the Merlotti Family Database.

Family coat of arms
January 2004

Original format submitted by Fabián G. Merlotti, redrawn by Paulo Eduardo Merlotti.

March 2004